How To Fill Gaps Between Slabs

26 October 2023by

The choice of patio tiles not only influences the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space but also determines its durability and functionality. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore various paving options, from natural stone to porcelain and wood-effect tiles, to help you make an informed decision for your patio. 

Natural Stone Patio Slabs:

Natural stone has a timeless charm that has been used for centuries in landscaping. It offers various colors, finishes, and unique characteristics, making it suitable for garden paving projects. At Quorn Stone, we’ve been importing premium natural stone patio slabs since 1995, ensuring the highest quality for your outdoor space. 

Limestone Outdoor Tiles:

Limestone, a sedimentary rock formed over millions of years, is an excellent choice for garden patios. Its durability, marked frost resistance, and ability to withstand the elements make it one of the best paving options. Limestone also develops a lived-in and enduring appearance over time. Sealing limestone pavers during installation is essential to protect them from water and potential staining.

Sandstone Outdoor Tiles:

Sandstone is popular among landscapers for its tactile surface finish and soft buff shades. Known as ‘Indian sandstone paving slabs,’ this versatile material complements traditional and modern garden designs. Similar to limestone, sandstone tiles age gracefully over time, adding character to your outdoor space. Sealing sandstone pavers during installation is advisable to maintain their appearance.

Stone Effect Porcelain Patios:

Porcelain has recently seen significant advancements, making it a popular patio choice. It is an artificial product with exceptional strength and durability. At Quorn Stone, we source our porcelain slabs from leading manufacturers in Italy and Spain. Stone effect porcelain is nearly stain-resistant and retains its color for exterior paving. 

Tumbled Effect Porcelain Pavers:

Tumbled effect porcelain tiles offer the appearance of natural stone while being maintenance-free. These tiles have a worn edge that, when grouted, resembles the look of tumbled stone. For a rustic charm in your patio, options like the Provence Grigio stone effect porcelain or Hambleton Ivory dropped effect porcelain are recommended. These tiles come in a grippy finish, making them suitable for exterior applications.

Contemporary Porcelain Paving:

For a modern outdoor space, contemporary porcelain paving is an excellent choice. Most stone-effect porcelain tiles come in large format sizes and allow for ultra-narrow grout joints, creating a sleek appearance. Porcelain tiles also offer consistency in color and tone, enhancing the contemporary look.

Wood Look Outdoor Porcelain Tiles: 

Wood look, porcelain paving is a trending choice, offering the warmth of wood without its maintenance drawbacks. Unlike natural wood, wood-effect porcelain does not warp, bow, or fade over time. It also features a non-slip finish, making it a safe option for wet conditions. Options like the Brompton Oak wood effect porcelain planks mimic the appearance of natural wood while being scratch and stain-resistant.


Selecting the best outdoor paving for your patio involves considering various factors such as material, aesthetics, durability, and maintenance. Each option has its unique characteristics, and the choice ultimately depends on your preferences and the specific requirements of your outdoor space. Whether you opt for the timeless beauty of natural stone, the durability of limestone and sandstone, the versatility of porcelain, or the warmth of wood-effect tiles, Quorn Stone offers a range of high-quality options to bring your patio vision to life.

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  1. What size should you choose for paving slabs?

 The choice of tile size ultimately depends on your personal preference. However, larger format tiles, such as 900×600 or 800×800, create fewer grout joints and emphasize the tiles themselves. They also minimize wastage as fewer cuts are required during installation. 

  1. How do you clean patio tiles?

 Limestone and porcelain patio tiles are easy to maintain. Regular cleaning involves sweeping away leaves and debris and washing seasonally with a stone-friendly cleaner. Annual resealing is recommended to keep your patio in top condition. Check out our guides on cleaning outdoor natural stone and porcelain tiles for more details.

  1. Do you offer patio paving samples?

Yes, Quorn Stone offers complimentary patio paving samples to help you make an informed choice. Ordering samples lets you see the tiles in your space before deciding. You can order up to four free tile samples on our product pages.