Pavement Installation: The 9-Step Process Asphalt Paving 

2 November 2023by

At FloorPup, we bring you an unparalleled asphalt paving experience, meticulously crafted through a nine-step process that ensures durability, aesthetics, and environmental consciousness. Let’s dive deeply into our approach, designed to transform your spaces seamlessly.

Step 1: Thoughtful Design

Our projects begin with precise design using cutting-edge technology. FloorPup utilizes advanced GPS and AutoCAD software, ensuring accuracy within an inch across the site. To discard our blog on GPS innovation in asphalt paving to discover how technology enhances our paving efficiency

Step 2: Demolition Expertise

Demolition marks the initiation of our process. Existing surfaces, whether asphalt, concrete, or pavers, are removed to prepare for the sub-base and pavement installation. We prioritize eco-friendliness by recycling old asphalt at our specialized plants.

Step 3: Grading Perfection

Grading is critical, ensuring proper water drainage to prevent premature deterioration. The grade percentage varies based on location and landscape, which is crucial for long-lasting pavements.

Step 4: Sub-base Preparation

Beneath the : surface lies our carefully prepared sub-base, a vital component for any asphalt pavement. It shields against frost heave, provides stability, and enhances durability. We use crushed rocks or recycled materials tailored to project requirements and traffic loads.

Step 5: Seamless Connections

Creating smooth transitions between new and existing pavements, including adjacent curbs and sidewalks, is pivotal. FloorPup ensures that butt joints are seamless, offering a consistent surface for both drivers and pedestrians.

Step 6: Base Course Expertise

The base course, composed of aggregates and binders, sits atop the compacted sub-base. We meticulously spread and compact the material, enhancing strength and stability for the upcoming asphalt layer.

Step 7: Wear Course Precision

The wear course, the visible surface layer, is expertly crafted to endure traffic and environmental wear. Comprising small aggregates, sand, and liquid asphalt, this layer showcases our dedication to longevity and visual appeal.

Step 8: Precision Compaction

Compaction is crucial to stability and durability. At FloorPup, we ensure a seamless surface by securely joining asphalt-coated aggregates. This process reduces permeability and guarantees a smooth, lasting pavement.

Step 9: Finishing Touches

In the final steps, we add necessary road markings, ensuring compliance with regulations. For parking lots, we incorporate ADA-compliant parking stripes and accessibility markings, ensuring inclusivity and safety.

Experience Excellence with FloorPup

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Q1: How long does an asphalt pavement installation project typically take? 

Answer: The duration of an asphalt pavement project varies based on its complexity and size. Generally, a standard project can take several days to weeks, ensuring each step of our meticulous process is executed flawlessly.

Q2: Is the recycled asphalt used in your projects as durable as new materials? 

Answer: Absolutely. We prioritize sustainability by recycling old asphalt at our specialized plants. The recycled material undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets industry standards, making it as durable and reliable as new materials.

Q3: How often does asphalt pavement require maintenance after installation?

 Answer: Regular maintenance significantly prolongs the life of asphalt pavement. While it depends on factors like traffic volume and weather conditions, a well-maintained asphalt surface typically requires resealing every 3-5 years and periodic repairs as needed.

Q4: What sets FloorPup apart from other asphalt paving contractors? 

Answer: FloorPup stands out due to its commitment to cutting-edge technology, eco-friendly practices, and meticulous attention to detail. Our skilled team, coupled with years of industry expertise, ensures every project is completed with precision, durability, and aesthetic appeal.